COLTENE is a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of consumables and small equipment for endodontic treatment applications. The Dental Group offers a wide range of products, encompassing six segments – solutions for almost all dental treatments. The complete endodontology programme includes root canal preparation with files and rinsing solutions, obturation and post systems.

HYGENIC, PARAPOST and ROEKO are internationally renowned endodontic brands by COLTENE. Over the last years the portfolio of endo products from root canal shaping to obturation has been successfully enlarged and optimized, thus offering perfectly attuned equipment for both, endodontists and general practitioners.

By introducing the highly innovative HyFlex CM Niti-Files in 2010, COLTENE has set new benchmarks for breakage resistance and flexibility. The innovative material ensures perfect root canal adaptation with bending properties similar to stainless steel files. The HyFlex EDM files constitutes the fifth and latest generation of root canal files and integrates the controlled memory effect of its predecessor, the HyFlex CM. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process using electric discharge machining, HyFlex EDM has a specially hardened surface which makes the files stronger and more fracture resistant. The controlled memory effect of both the HyFlex CM and HyFlex EDM possess a number of important properties, including extreme flexibility, superior canal tracking, regenerative properties after multiple autoclaving and, last but not least, strong fatigue resistance.

The CanalPro family features a cordless endodontic motor, the fully automated Apex Locator and a wide range of rinsing solutions, that are colour-coded for procedural safety. Paper points by HYGENIC and ROEKO are produced fully automatically and are reliably absorbent, true to size and of highest quality.

Fast and safe obturation can be conducted with GuttaFlow bioseal, a bioactive 3-in-1 obturation material that combines cold free-flow gutta-percha with a sealer and bioceramic in one filling system and with HYGENIC and ROEKO Guttapercha points.

The ParaPost X System, a market leader in many markets for decades, offers a complete family of post for any clinical situation and all direct and casting techniques. The state-of-the-art universal post system perfectly rounds off the endodontic product range.

Today the COLTENE Group operates production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, Brazil and the USA. It maintains a worldwide sales network with its own subsidiaries and distribution partners in over 120 countries. Dentists worldwide rely on COLTENE products. More information on COLTENE and our products is available on our website