17:30: A boat trip in the surrounding archipelago has been planned following the lectures of Thursday. We hope to show you the intriguing archipelago of Stockholm and some of the over 24,000 islands and islets. The archipelago offers a fascinating nature and wildlife and we hope to share it with you through a sunny and warm summer evening.

19:30: After the boat trip, a dinner will be held at Djurönäset’s restaurant, where the kitchen offers classic Swedish cooking art with contemporary elements.

The evening will continue at the pub, reserved for SkandEndo. Have a few drinks, share some laughs and exchange ideas ang thoughts with your fellow colleagues.



18:00: Friday evening will be devoted to a traditional Swedish summer evening at the folkpark.

In Sweden, a folkpark is a public recreation space, usually featuring large grassed areas, trees, children’s play facilities, etc. Most towns and cities have a folkpark. These parks were originally created by the labour movement so that workers and their families could have a place to unwind. In larger folkparks, there is sometimes a bandstand or stage, and they are used for concerts and other entertainment.

19:00: An evening dinner will be shared at the Folkpark, and afterwards a cultural event will be performed at the bandstand. Come and listen to live music and dance the night away in the warmth of the SkandEndo-spirit.